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By The Editors
May 11, 2015 9:00 am

Because every man must dress himself, and sometimes even leave the house wearing pants, we present “Ask Danny Agnew” — a series that answers your questions regarding all matters vestiary, and recurs whenever he gets around to it. Have a query? Email it to

Gonna be doing some spring getaways in the next couple of months. What say you on bags that are stylish but still get the job done?

-Greg, St. Louis, MO

I’ve got three go-tos in the quick-trip baggage department:

First, Lexdray’s heavy-duty, tech-savvy Tokyo Pack. The bad news: Lexdray does their bags in limited runs and the Tokyo is no longer available. The good news: we’ve got an exclusive line on the preorder for their new Copenhagen Pack1 — all the same bells and whistles in a handsome two-tone colorway.

Second, Hudson Sutler’s canvas garment bags2. When taking a suit is unavoidable (curse you, summer weddings), nothing beats one of these super streamlined numbers. No frills necessary and tucks neatly in the overhead bin.

Third, the spankin’ new Sabah Traveler3 from the madcap “dealer” behind our favorite leather slippers. Expands to accommodate more gear, has a detachable waterproof interior pocket for wet swimsuits, and the more you beat the absolute shit out of it, the better-looking it gets.

Doing some spring cleaning and I’ve noticed the apartment’s a little drab – any suggestions on churching it up?

-Kirk, New York, NY

If you’re looking for a little professional assistance, I can’t recommend the firms HomePolish and Lind/Hesse strongly enough (as I see you’re in NYC). Both are run by friends of your InsideHook brethren and excel at making the sort of sweeping changes you probably don’t even know you need. Tell ‘em we sent ya.

If it’s more of a minor sprucing you’re after, consider adding some new art to the mix sans commitment. Rise Art4 swings the biggest stick in the burgeoning art-rental market, with works by the likes of David Hockney and some killer photography (vintage Stones snaps, anyone?).

If you’re like me, you’ve also probably got some artwork lying around waiting for the inevitable frame-shop lube job. Custom framers Mountary5 have changed my life — not every frame option under the sun, but they do quality work at fair prices and will even stop by to consult in person.

Now that the weather’s warming up I’m seeing a lot of wrist decoration on my fellow men. I wanna get involved. Thoughts?

-Michael, Chicago, IL

We covered some of this ground in our recent Spring Style Issue, but I think it bears reiterating. The key is to layer different colors and textures.

I dig the customizable faces on Martenero’s (highly affordable) watches6, and they’ve got all manner of leather and nylon straps you can switch out at will. Couple with a little metal here (Miansai’s cuffs7 are simple and understated), a little leather there (like Kiel James Patrick’s Quartermaster collection8) and maybe even a bead or two (can’t go wrong with Men In Cities9).

Now roll up those sleeves and join the party.

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