Hooboy. This Is a Perfect Piece of Luggage.

Make airports handsome again!

August 4, 2016 9:00 am

What do you get when you cross Louis Vuitton and Tumi? (Besides a hole where that wad of cash in your pocket used to be.)

If you know what’s good for you, this:

Arlo Skye, a locally designed luggage collection that weds travel-tough strength with old-school, jetsetting style. Best part: they’ll leave you with some loot left over for the actual traveling part.

As is the brainchild of Denielle Wolfe (whose previous design gigs include Kate Spade, Coach and Tumi), former Louis Vuitton exec Mayur Bhatnagar and Mauricio Issa Llano, industrial designer and engineer.

The label’s ethos: traveling is stressful, and anything to streamline the process can help. So Wolfe and Bhatnagar agonized over technical and design details, resulting in a carry-on that takes all the little things people desire in luggage and does them really well.

The pieces are all light (coming in at a mere 9.2 pounds) and include a built-in charger that works 75 percent faster than comparable devices, has two USB ports and tucks under the handle or easily removes in the case of an unexpected at-the-gate check.

The handle itself is hand-stitched, full-grain leather, and the wheels feature a proprietary design that rolls 15 percent quieter than polyurethane models. The body of the cases, meanwhile, features an aluminum-magnesium alloy that makes it 2.3 times stronger than the polycarbonate of most standard makes.  

Additional Arlo perks include two removable packing panels, two shoe bags, one laundry bag, a dust bag for storage, a full-grain leather name tag and a set of exclusive illustrated postcards inspired by “The Art of Daydreaming.”

It’s simple. It’s elegant. And it’s now available for preorder for a October delivery (and shipping is free anywhere in the States).

Not the right bag for you? Send it back — Arlo also offers a hassle-free 100-day free trial. Wed that with a $495 price point, and they’re practically begging you to try one out.


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