Fancy a 500HP Street-Legal Sand Racer?

This ain't your average dune buggy

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Fancy a 500HP Street-Legal Sand Racer?
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07 December 2015

If you've never heard of a town called Huacachina, Peru, look it up.

There is not much to do there beyond pile into a vaguely legal dune buggy with five or six friends for a hair-rasing thrill ride throughout the surrounding dunes. Which is totally fine, because it's awesome. So, awesome, in fact, that your correspondent would do it every day if he had the appropriate means and topography.

Here's half of that equation: the Zarooq San Racer, the UAE-based company's first foray into motorized vehicles. Unlike most dune buggies, it's street legal. Even more unlike most dune buggies, it's built on a 3.5L V6 engine that puts out 500 ponies and could dust most consumer-facing sports cars over a quarter mile regardless of terrain.

It's also got a super-lightweight fiberglass body (2,300 lbs.), a six-speed manual transmission, primo Fox shocks and 12.4 inches of clearance.

The car is due to hit markets next year, when Zarooq also plans to sponsor an off-road driving circuit along with a training course that will be available for use by prospective buyers.

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