Pocket Picked? This Wallet Will Take a Photo of the Thief.

It also doubles as a charger and WiFi hotspot

By Kirk Miller

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07 July 2017

Ever open your wallet and wonder, “Where’d my money go?”

This wallet will tell you.

On the surface, the Volterman looks like a nice, lightweight leather wallet.

Volterman (3 images)

But open it up, and there’s a lot more going on. Each iteration of the Volterman features a built-in powerbank, global GPS tracking, distance alarm (for both your phone and wallet), RFID protection, WiFi hotspot and, most interestingly, an anti-theft camera: when the Volterman is in “lost” mode, a tiny camera takes a picture of anyone who opens the wallet, and then sends you a photo of your perp.

Oh, and it's waterproof.

Available as a cardholder, bifold or passport/travel wallet, Volterman will initially go for $98-$157 during its Indiegogo campaign — about a 50% savings off of the future retail price — with $29 more for the wireless charger. Ships in December.

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