The 'Pulp Fiction' House Is for Sale, Kitchen and All

Best perk? Easy to hide bodies.

By Kirk Miller

Pulp Fiction
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14 March 2018

Anyone remember Jimmie from Pulp Fiction?

As a character, quite forgettable and very of his time: Jimmie was Quentin Tarantino “acting” and using the n-word. A lot.

But hey, Jimmie’s house is for sale. Also for a lot.

The bloody abode where Mr. Wolf  "solved problems" is actually a 4,200-square-foot residence in Studio City now described as an “amazing development opportunity.” Top features: Big yard, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage, fireplace and central heating. Minuses: No pool, no “gourmet shit.”

All for a cool $1.4 million.

The property is hosting open houses all weekend. Leave about 40 minutes for clean-up.

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