The Next Best Thing in American Supercars

It’s not a Viper or a Corvette. It is a 745 HP V10, though.

By The Editors

The Next Best Thing in American Supercars
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13 January 2016

Muscle comes in many forms.

Cardiac, smooth, skeletal, fuel-injected...

Here’s our new favorite example of the latter: Force 1, a red-blooded American supercar that looks something like the gasoline-suckling offspring of a Viper and a Lamborghini.

Created for VLF Automotive by auto designer Henrik Fisker (Aston Martin, BMW) and racing driver Ben Keating, the two-seat, carbon fiber-body whip is a high-performance, low-production sports car with a 8.4 L V10 engine packing 745 ponies.

The ride maxes out at 218 MPH and does 0-60 in three seconds flat, and with a total weight of just under 3,400 pounds, that pickup is no joke. Other specs: 21-inch wheels, UTV laser blade tail lamps and a rear-wing spoiler that houses the in-car Wi-Fi. And with Pirelli tires and an interior featuring hand-stitched ultra-soft leather, suede and a champagne holder, the Force 1 is as easy on the eyes as she is under the foot.

Only 50 of these beauts will be produced, but anyone who purchases one (base price: $268,500) has the chance to attend two racing events per year with Keating, an accomplished driver for Viper Exchange Racing of the Tudor United SportsCar Championship.

Because if driving the Force 1 doesn’t quicken your pulse, manning the pits and paddocks for a multiple National Champion surely will.

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