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SEAL the Deal

The ultimate fitness and action training camp for civilians

  • 16 May 2012

In order to push your physical limits, you must first discover them. Showing you where to look: Extreme SEAL Experience, taking applicants for their summer sessions right now.

Run by a grizzled former SEAL who’s mastered the art of eloquent straight talk— “I don’t use any sneaky small print horsed*ck on my web site” — ESE is an intensive week-long camp in Virginia that trains civilians in the warfighting disciplines of Navy SEALs.

Package options include:

  • SEAL Advanced Training: pistols, automatic weapons, helo assaults; “not a typical j*rk-off course run by most companies”

  • Week of Hell: 6 days of constant exercise, mental stress, and bodily exhaustion

Courses are intense, but designed for civilians in average physical condition. Team “leaders” are usually in their 30s and 40s, though “guys as old as 65 have attended and kicked ass here."

Week-long courses run through November, and start at $1,395. A small price to pay for pushing big limits.

The Specifics

Extreme SEAL Experience

(757) 572-7203
324 Gallbush Road
Chesapeake, VA

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