These Buildings Aren’t Real, But They’re Fantastic

Meet Mir, an architecture concern rooted firmly in the future

By The Editors

These Buildings Aren’t Real, But They’re Fantastic
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31 December 2015

We have a rule here at InsideHook (that is admittedly sometimes broken) when it comes to the things we cover:

No. Freakin’. Renderings.

Why? A) They usually look really cheesy and sully the (hopefully) sterling reputation of our site. B) We have always tried to cover products and experience that are actionable — and a building or plaything that does not yet exist is not that.

But today, we’re making an exception.

Because today, we found Mir, the architecture firm that peddles exclusively in the hypothetical: they bill themselves as “a creative studio that specialises in portraying unbuilt architecture.”

Cheesy renderings these are not. From private dwellings to sweeping suspension bridges to stirring museums, monuments and all variety of larger-than-life structure, Mir collaborates with some of the world’s most forward-thinking architects and designers (Zaha Hadid among them) to create visualizations that are every bit as real as the best effects that Hollywood has up its sleeve.

Check out a few of our favorites below, and head over to Mir’s website for the full experience.

Link Arkitekter | Bergen, Norway, 2012

Snøhetta | Malmø, Sweden, 2011

BIG | St. Petersburg, USA, 2011

| Rindal, Norway, 2012

Jensen & Skodvin | Vals, Switzerland, 2015

Arkitekt Rolv Eide | Bergen, Norway, 2013

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