A Lamborghini So Heinous Only a Mother Could Love It

The LM Americans were a rare breed — for good reason

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A Lamborghini So Heinous Only a Mother Could Love It
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26 January 2017

Ugly ducklings, at least in fairy tales, can morph into beautiful swans once they mature.

Raging bulls, in fables or elsewhere ... apparently less so.

The third version of a project that began in 1977, the Lamborghini LM002 was first called the Cheetah. The SUV — which was designed by Mobility Technology International at Lambo’s request in the hopes of selling the model to the military — had a commercial but not much else, largely because its handling was poor due to the massive weight of its rear-mounted V8 engine.

The Cheetah design was ultimately scrapped and a revised model called the LM001 was introduced in its place. Although this model was a marked improvement and had the ability to hit up to 100 MPH, the weight and design still limited its performance. After heading back to the drawing board for a final time, engineers got the SUV's technical specs (but not its looks) correct by putting the Rambo Lambo's 48-valve V12 in the front of the chassis and pairing it with a powerful five-speed manual gearbox.

Lambo LM002 (8 images)

Though the LM002 was far superior to the previous two attempts, it did not have a happy ending: only 48 of the SUVs were produced for U.S. distribution after being introduced as the LM American. One of those examples, a pearl white model from 1990 with 3,400 miles on the odometer, is up for sale courtesy of Motorcar Studio in Atlanta with an asking price approaching $301,000.

We hear it’s got a great personality.

Photos courtesy of Trace Taylor

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