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Raise the Bar

Julibox delivers classic cocktails to your door

  • 14 September 2012

Every man wants, deep in his liver of livers, to be an expert at making drinks — because when you entertain at home, your repertoire shouldn’t be limited to "vodka" and "whatever's in the fridge that goes with vodka."

Enter Julibox, which delivers classic cocktail ingredients to your door and teaches you how to make ‘em, available now.

Crafted by husband-and-wife hospitality biz vets, Julibox Fed-Exes a box to your house each month featuring two drink recipes curated by top-tier mixologists (like 'keeps from NYC staples Little Branch and Milk & Honey), as well as all the appropriate spirits, mixers, syrups, tinctures and bitters — enough to create four cocktails.

(What you’ll need: access to a few common ingredients, like limes, and some basic bar equipment, like a cocktail shaker.)

Each cocktail features about four ingredients and takes two minutes to make, with written instructions and on-site web videos to help. Each month centers on a theme — e.g. “summer cocktails,” featuring a spiced-up Tom Collins and a Kir Blanc Spritz.

Membership is $40, with one, three- and six-month options available — the first step in making you a better host. Cheers.

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$40 per month

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