Meet Chiron, Son of Veyron

Hey everybody: new Bugatti. Top speed: 288 MPH.

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The First Photos of the New Bugatti Just Leaked...
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01 December 2015

If tooling around in your Bugatti Veyron no longer provides the thrills it once did, might we suggest its successor: the 2017 Bugatti Chiron.

The $2.5 million, 1500-hp supercar, which boasts an expected top speed of around 288 miles per hour, will debut at the Geneva auto show next March — but the last 24 hours have seen both its public christening and the leak of the first "spy" photo.

We'd happily think the name is a reference to the supremely wise centaur who, Greek mythology tells us, tutored Theseus, Achilles, Jason and Ajax ... but it's more likely a reference to revered Grand Prix driver Louis Chiron, who raced for Equipe Bugatti in the 1930s. 

The latter was snapped "on the roads of Italy" and promptly uploaded to Instagram: "It looks and sounds like it is from a different planet," says the guy who took it.

Vroom-vroom, people. Get your orders in now.

via Car and Driver

images via Bugatti and Eric Hessel

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