Every Beer You’ve Ever Had Just Got Better
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Every Beer You’ve Ever Had Just Got Better

Just one touch and a little physics

  • 03 June 2015

Fact: couch beats bar stool.

Also fact: draught beer beats fridge beer.

To home or to bar? That is the question.

Call it the Five-O’Clock Paradox.

Debunking it: Fizzics, the Keurig-like godsend that takes your store-bought beers and transforms them into tap-quality brews, now taking orders.

Just place an open can, bottle or growler into the Fizzics machine, insert the included pneumatic tube and close the lid.

Pull a handle to pressurize the container, which dispenses your beer through a digital microcontroller. Push the handle back to finish the head.


The latter is where the magic happens. Fizzics utilizes proprietary fluid and gas technology to create ultra-fine bubbles and carbonation in the head. No CO2 cartridges necessary.

The result: enhanced taste, milkier foam and an aroma that’ll make you a believer. From first drop to last.

Bonus: Fizzics is portable.

The machine has already doubled its goal on Indiegogo, so get on it

Solve the Paradox, sir.


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