Everything Inside This $70 Million Mansion Must Go

Get the designer of Minecraft’s furniture ... for a dollar

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Everything Inside This $70 Million Mansion Must Go
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27 January 2016

With the stock market in “correction” mode and unicorns relegated back to mythical status, conspicuous consumption might not be on your agenda.

But good news: if you’re in the market for quality, luxury goods, there are deals to be had.

Dollar deals. And even better: that money — whether it’s a dollar or more — will help some families (and, in one case, a deserving non-profit) in need. Welcome to Everything But the House, a newfangled 21st century take on the old-fashioned estate sale.

Started in 2008, EBTH is sort of an inclusive eBay for individuals and families selling their belongings “in times of transition” — be it divorce or relocation or foreclosure. EBTH sorts, catalogues, photographs and posts an estate’s items online.

All bids start at a measly buck, be it furniture or a Warhol painting. EBTH manages payment and distribution of items won, offering white-glove delivery service for larger and more expensive items. They host about 100 sales per month all over the country. Each sale lasts a week and, as they claim, proceeds tend to be 3-5 times higher for sellers than a conventional estate sale.

The big news is, starting today, you’ll have access to the decor in Minecraft designer Markus Persson’s $70 million Beverly Hills home, including an array of cool Bentley furniture, original Shepard Fairey prints, a custom 40-piece chandelier, a signed Michael Jackson photo and an Hermès scarf. (Fun fact: Persson originally landed the home by outbidding Jay Z and Beyonce.)

Don’t worry about Persson’s well-being. No transition here: 100% of the proceeds of the auction will go to Design by Donation, a non-profit group that “collaborates with the design community to help create safe environments for at-risk youth.”

So go on, spend a little.

It’ll do you, and everyone, some good.

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