Can a Magic Wooden Stick Really Age Whiskey 15 Years?

Got a bathtub, a basement and some s***ty booze? Listen up.

By The Editors

Can a Magic Wooden Stick Really Age Whiskey 15 Years?
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05 May 2016

Disclaimer: if you buy a decent bottle of booze, you should never feel inclined to “flavor” it — whether with a stick or otherwise.

If you buy a crummy bottle of booze, however, we wholeheartedly encourage a little bathtub bootlegging.

Starting with this thing.

After being dropped into a 750ml bottle of booze, a little item called The Whiskey Stick can age the hooch by five years in a couple days and by 15 years in 10 days, according to the folks at Colorado-based Clawhammer Supply. The American white oak stick instantly adds char and oak flavor that will help infuse rail liquor with top-shelf taste.

The company recommends using the stick — which is branded with “Wood is Good” – on corn whiskey, though it’s compatible with any liquor. The sticks are reusable, though they take longer to work their magic the more times they’re used.

Other booze-aging devices have reaped above-average reviews in the past, and Clawhammer themselves are no strangers to the quick-aging game.

Wanna see how this one stacks up?

It’ll only cost you $15.

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