Aston Martin’s New 715-HP Stunner Is Super Affordable ... for a Supercar

'Affordable' is one of those relative terms

By Tanner Garrity

Aston Martin’s New 715-HP Stunner Is Super Affordable ... for a Supercar
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02 July 2018

For-sale supercars are the ultimate tease.

No matter how badly you might want to get behind the wheel, few have the cash or wherewithal to drop millions on one. You might as well hold out for a lunar flight.

And even if you have the money, the automakers often churn out just a couple dozen models per year. By the time someone’s ready to sell, the original price has likely appreciated some 600%.

Enter: the new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, a supercar every bit as come-hither as its counterparts from Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren. Only, this one comes at a starting price tag of $305K, and Aston Martin has no plans for a production cap.  

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Steep? Of course. Enough to completely upend your retirement plans? Probably not. The Superleggera (“super light” in Italian) takes its cue from a model of the same name that Aston Martin debuted in 1961, wedding that history with functional designs for this century. Backed by a 715-HP V12 engine, the car’s carbon-fiber hood and revamped aerodynamic system allow the auto to hit 211 MPH, yet still provide high-end comfort, with cosmonautical interior seating and a no-punches-held dashboard.

Find more info on designing and securing your Superleggera here.

All images via Aston Martin

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