These 8 Nudie Mags Are Better Than Playboy Anyway

Playboy’s going clothed. Time to pass the baton.

By The Editors

These 8 Nudie Mags Are Better Than Playboy Anyway
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13 October 2015

For decades, Playboy has pioneered an unbridled approach to men’s lifestyle: hard-hitting journalism, dirty jokes and beautiful women, starkers. Since 1953, the formula has gone unchanged. Until yesterday, when the magazine shocked readers in an entirely new way: by announcing that they plan to drop all nude photos.

It’s a part of a major SFW redesign that’ll hit newsstands in March 2016. Shocking? Yes. But the truth is, Playboy is hardly the only print glossy out there that mixes erotica with a high(ish)-brow “I read it for the articles” brand of journalism.

Below, eight nudie magazines you won’t be embarrassed to stash on the coffee table.

Things NSFW lie beneath. You've been warned.

An artful, photography-heavy nudie magazine born out of a popular Tumblr account with zero relation to a certain fugitive filmmaker.

San Francisco’s hometown erotic quarterly peddles local fiction, artist profiles and snaps of models exclusively from the Bay Area.

A fantastic Barcelona-based title that “arose from the need to explore.” Odiseo challenges the old guard by providing insightful, absorbing commentary on sex in the digital age.

This LA-based mag is made for the gonzo jetset. Inside, you’ll find a diverse platform with musings on sex, art, travel and fashion alongside lustful babes in various states of undress.

A long-standing staple of the counterculture porno mag with a “we’ll publish when we get around to it” attitude. Their latest: “The American Issue,” with model Blac Chyna gracing the cover.

Adult Mag
A nudie publication with a literary sensibility: expect interesting quick-hitters, modern poetry and artist Q&As. Basically, longform gone sexy.

Crazy, fresh and eccentric. This cult Paris-based fanzine offers a well-rounded assault of all things urban and cool peppered with seductive, haute nude photography.

TREATS! Magazine
A fine arts quarterly that launched the career of Emily Ratajowski. With a thick, glossy aesthetic, the focus here is on giving artists and photographers a platform to celebrate the female form.

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