Easy Rider: Badass Electric Bikes

5 cycling options for the modern-day flâneur

By The Editors

These Electric Bikes Are Seriously B****in’
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29 October 2015

Time was electric bicycles were more or less a joke: geriatric-looking clunkers upon which no man of good taste would want to be seen.

These days, you can’t throw a rock at Kickstarter HQ without hitting an e-bike. And the new generation of e-bike manufacturers are out to prove something, outfitting their steeds with futuristic tech and classy, throwback design flourishes that make them, for the first time, covetable. Oh, and a helluva lot faster. Below, we round up the best of the best.

Faraday Porteur S

A steel-frame urban commuter with a little secret: a 250-watt geared front-hub motor for the assist whenever ya need it. The battery, meanwhile, is cleverly integrated into the downtube of the frame. What you get: the look and feel of a traditional city bike with a power boost option you can use for mettlesome hills or long rides.

Sondors eBike

The e-bike’s achilles heel: price. But Sondors has somehow managed to build an electric bike for under $650. Despite a wee bit of controversy on the uptake, the Sondors eBike’s next production run is worth keeping an eye on. With its all-terrain tires, the bikes features 350-watt motors that’ll accelerate up to 20 mph. Ideal for kicking up sand and treading coastal climes.

Gi FlyBike

As if your power-assisted commute couldn’t get any easier, here’s a folding electric bike. It’s called the FlyBike, and it’s also very smart. Beyond the pedal assist, this bike comes with a GPS locking system that prevents theft and a battery that’ll charge your phone. Available for preorder now.

Bolt M-1

You don’t even need to peddle to ride this beaut. This super stylish, 100% electric two-wheeler tops out at 40 mph and does 50 miles on a single charge. Sorta looks like a motorcycle, but no license required. Think of it more like a cross between a bike and a scooter.

Feddz Bike

Okay, you got us. The Feddz Bike is technically classified as an electric scooter. No pedals. No drivetrain. But it’s worth showing off nonetheless. The cargo bike/scooter comes by way of Germany. Slim, streamlined design, but still capable of hauling a load in its integrated in-frame carry system.

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