Deal: Tidal Is Currently the Best Value in Music Streaming

At $3 for three months, you'll get access to A-level exclusives with superior sound quality

Plans start at just $3 for three months of Tidal

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So why should you try Tidal?

On the surface, the music streaming service isn’t all that different from Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc.

But the Jay-Z-co-owned service (Sprint is another partner, along with several other A-level artists like Madonna, Rihanna and more) has its appeal. When it launched in 2014, we called it — in an article now lost to the digital netherworld — both the “Cadillac of music streaming” and “Spotify on steroids: better features, more intuitive interface, much better sound.”


And from time to time, the streamer gets exclusives, although that doesn’t always last more than a few weeks. Still, it’s a practice other music services have shied away from, so if you want that Beyonce album the day it’s released, you may just want to stick with Tidal. Add in a lossless sound option, occasional concert livestreams, 250,000 HD videos and 60 million+ tracks, and you’ve got something on par or superior to other streaming services.

Right now you can get Tidal for three months at up to 94% off, depending on the sound quality you prefer (from “normal” to CD-quality hi-fi to essentially streaming studio-quality, 24-bit master files). Which means it’s about $3 for three months.

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