Frame Game

By The Editors
August 16, 2013 9:00 am

You’ve seen Breaking Bad?

Offbeat dad from Malcolm in the Middle becomes the most intimidating and morally ambiguous force in the history of television? The hell did that happen?

Behold: the transformative properties of the perfect pair of spectacles.

And for that, you talk to Warby Parker, cutting ribbons on their first West Coast emporium this Saturday in the lobby of The Standard Hollywood.

Simply enter the gleaming white hotel and head left past the check-in desk.

Inside: a breezy, dorm-sized room with opticals on the left, sunnies on the right, and a back wall painted Crayola blue with a bespectacled visage illustrated by LA artist Geoff McFetridge.

Books like David Byrne’s How Music Works sit beneath the glasses display, ready for your newly enhanced peepers to peruse.

The frames on offer come in all shapes in sizes. For corrective glasses, go with Percey (think Gregory Peck) or Beckett (Michael Caine). If it’s sunnies you seek, we like Downing and Exley.

Should you need a prescription filled, just give WP a few days and they’ll mail them to you.

Consider yourself transformed.

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