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This school bus is actually a sunglass store

  • 15 February 2013

A few words about road trips:

The driver controls the radio, no exceptions. Respect your vehicle as you would a woman. And remember your Proust: the voyage of discovery isn’t so much about seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.

And that’s where Warby Parker’s bus full of road-trippin’ spectacles comes in.

Give a big LA welcome to Warby Parker’s Class Trip, a six-month pop-up tour of America on a converted school bus that ends with a month-long stop in LA, starting today.

Inside said bus: an Ivy League lair of leather seating and oak shelves lined with vintage books and contemporary bifocals (both Rx and sunwear) for you to try.

Like the Wiloughby Revolver Black ($90):

And the Sugar Maple Neville ($145):

The bus will be in Venice through March 3rd. Then they hit WeHo until March 24th.

Stop by and grab a pair.

For every one you buy they give one to charity — because altruism, like roadtrips, never goes out of style.

The Specifics

Warby Parker Class Trip

February 15th - March 3rd
1515 Abbott Kinney
beside The Brigg

March 5th - 24th
8201 W. 3rd St
beside Toast

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