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Mall, Dark, and Handsome

Vagabond Brothers peddles heirloom-quality duds

  • 09 November 2012

There are times in life when you look around and just say “oops.” Like when you’re lost in the woods. Or when you open a fashion-forward men’s boutique, but you do it in Orange County.

Such is the case with Vagabond Brothers & Co., which recently decamped from the Brea Mall in Riverside and unpacked its trunk in the back of Hotel De Ville, a sexy vintage sunglasses boutique in Los Feliz.

Vagabond Brothers

Run by the sharply-dressed Zak Najjar, Vagabond Bros. peddles a choice selection of English style and classic California denim.

Vagabond Brothers

These clothes are made with exceptional materials, craftsmanship, and a classic fit. Essentially, you could pass these duds along to your kids. The notables:

  • Cheaney Shoes and Boots: a venerable English company that still makes every aspect of the shoe, from the tanning to the Goodyear sole. Exclusive to Vagabond.

  • Korchmar bags: a century-old American bag maker.

To help the nightcrawlers, Vagabond Brothers and Hotel De Ville stay open as late as 11pm on the weekends.

So next time you’re out and realize, oops, I need a change of clothes (and some sunnies) — you can pop in.

The Specifics

Vagabond Brothers & Co.

Inside Hotel De Ville
4646 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(714) 365-4257
From $22 up

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