The Roaring Plenties

March 4, 2013 9:00 am

A top-hatted man once asked, how many clowns can you fit in a clown car?

To which we respond: gourmet dinner.

This is your cordial invitation to Dining Tent, a Midway-themed dinner party replete with carnival games, New Orleans brothel jazz and gourmet Italian eats — all benefiting the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and offering tickets right now.

At the party: reimagined carny games. A musical Rubens’ tube shooting fire. And more food than a Corleone wedding, all cooked by Sotto sous chef Daniel Cutler and his Animo Catering. 

The proceeds will go to NFTE LA, which teaches bootstrapping skills to young people in low-income neighborhoods.

All of this is courtesy of InsideHook and Two Bit Circus, that downtown gaggle of big top-loving, entrepreneurial “doers” who pitch themselves as “a cross between think tank and incubator.” 

So basically, a thinkubator.

Which is just another name for a car full of smart clowns.


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