Hello Moto

By The Editors
June 3, 2013 9:00 am

Men love motorcycles, and men love roadtrips. Those are two facts. Not even the worst disasters can dispel the romance, as anyone who’s suffered through Wild Hogs can tell you.

And so we predict much success for The Roadery, a new motorcycle roadtrip series leading tours through the American West, taking reservations now.

Started by Philipp Reker, a former advertising executive with more than 20 years of riding experience, The Roadery offers guided tours lasting two-to-nine days that include lodging, National Park fees and your pony (either a Triumph Bonneville or a classic Harley).

“The American West is the most awesome motorcycle territory you could wish for,” says Reker. “I want to share that.”

It’s all about being on the bike, from which you get great views of Big Sur and the Grand Canyon at 50-60 miles per hour, a speed that puts you in the scenery and keeps you focused on the moment.

You’ll be tracking 250-270 miles per day. Trips allow for six-to-ten riders.

You need a license and probably some lessons (here’s where to do that).

On longer tours (some of which are one-way) a support vehicle will freight your bags and an extra bike.

Because when it’s all about the journey, it’s best to travel in style.


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