Tee Time

By The Editors
July 29, 2013 9:00 am

If to everything there is a season, does it follow that to every season, there is a thing?

We’ll leave that to The Byrds. But as far as we’re concerned, sartorially-speaking, this is summer 2013’s thing:

The Real Collective’s tastefully embroidered line of pocket tees, now shipping direct to your door from their Westside headquarters.

RC’s shirts are available in two cuts: the traditional, date-approved tee, or a suns-out-guns-out beach tank.

The monochrome bodies are cut from a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, meaning these shirts are pillow-soft and averse to shrinkage – no small achievement when you’re strolling the chilly shallows of the Pacific.

As for that breast pocket: it’s made of linen canvas and dyed in an array of fetching patterns (primarily tribals and florals), lending just the right amount of peacock to an otherwise unassuming garment.

It also makes for an ideal sunglasses repository come nightfall.

Starting this fall they’ll be available in local stores. For now you can order online, and they ship quickly in a handy, repurposable tote bag.

Now turn, turn, turn. That blonde over yonder needs someone to get her back.

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