Tiki Easy

September 25, 2014 9:00 am

Little tidbit: the tiki bar was born in L.A.

This is true.

Ernest Gantt opened Don’s Beachcomber Cafe in Hollywood in 1934 after spending some time in Polynesia.

Ever since, tiki bars have been good, clean, kitschy fun. The hodgepodge of MSG-laden Cantonese fare on the menu: different story.

Until now.

Re-introducing The Coconut Club, an underground dinner soirée that’s just returned to L.A. and pops up bi-monthly at Sonny’s Hideaway in Highland Park.


The Coconut Club combines hula-girl exotica with elevated dishes — e.g., a banana leaf-wrapped Pu Pu platter of coconut chicken wings, duck bao, and Spam yam (check out the most recent menu).

Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by the host, a pleasant fellow in a white tux proffering a Pisco Sour garnished with a coconut shrimp.

Proceed to the back patio, where the tables are set with pineapple and seashells and diners toast the gods with a Tiki Trinity (Blue Hawaiian gelée, Pina Colada gelée, Mai Tai gelée).

Then it’s eight courses of island-inspired fare (and cocktail pairings) down the hatch.

The next two dates are October 6th and 27th.

Ho’olu komo la kaua here.

That’s “Please join us” to you mainlanders.


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