Beachy Keen

By The Editors
May 19, 2014 9:00 am

One of the joys of living in Los Angeles: when the mercury rises, you’ve got beaches.

One of the banes of living in Los Angeles: when the mercury rises, you ain’t the only fella with that bright idea.

What you need is a place to call your own. And you need to book it now.

This oughtta do the trick: your SoCal Summer Rental Guide, with seven must-see homes decked to the nines and now available for short-term rental.


  • A home with stunning ocean views and a private beach

  • A seaside manse with a waterslide that spits you into a Spanish-style pool

  • A glass-framed home on the Venice canals (stone-throwing heavily frowned upon)

Each of these pads comes equipped with a kick-ass kitchen and grilling area, so we suggest eating in.

For that, you’ll want to get groceries from Good Eggs. Touch up your cooking skills ahead of time with The FareTrade. Or just throw a party and invite the catering savants at Kitchensurfing.

For some home entertainment, skip the electronics and try Daytrader — think Monopoly meets Wolf of Wall Street.



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