Suit Yourself

By The Editors
April 10, 2013 9:00 am

The only suit a SoCal man needs is one made from the finest Japanese neoprene.

Yes, neoprene. We’re talking wetsuits here, not suit suits. What are we, New Yorkers?

And since the Pacific is cold – even in summer – we humbly recommend these warm custom wetsuits by Newport-based Almond Surfboards, taking measurements now.

These definitely aren’t one size fits all.

Almond partnered with Mr. Sayama, a master wetsuit maker (you might call him a surftorialist) who’s been hand-stitching people-koozies in Japan for 40 years.

Mr. Sayama doesn’t like his first name mentioned (seriously), and he doesn’t cross the Pacific. So you have to go to Almond’s quaint, wood-toned shop in Newport.

They take your measurements and photograph you in your skivvies. Mr. Sayama uses that info and makes your suit in three weeks time for $495.

As for the Japanese neoprene: it’s rendered from limestone, which lacks the impurities of oil-based neoprene (looking at you, China), thus making for suits that are more durable, flexible and waterproof than the one you wear now.

Mr. Sayama extends the suit’s life by coating his tightly stitched seams with glue. And Almond designed a back-zip and a black-on-black logo to maintain their early-70’s Baja look, which you’ll receognize in their spring apparel offerings as well.

Go now. Suit up.

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