Story Time

April 25, 2014 9:00 am

Your correspondent didn’t get out much in ‘93. Know why?

Myst. Yes, the computer game. Nay: THE computer game.

You remember: first-person, deserted island, clues. Objective never quite clear.

Well this is like that, except live: StoryRoom, a just-launched immersive theater experience, now selling tickets.

Part scavenger hunt, part video game, StoryRoom lets you and three-to-six friends solve the mystery of two scientists who went missing while researching a strange meteorite impact.

It’s held at the cavernous offices of Two Bit Circus, a rowdy group of creative engineers whose exploits include making games for Best Buy and the educational STEAM Carnival.

Once the game begins, you and your friends will need to uncover various clues, like an ID card to help you hack into the scientists’ computers, where more objectives await.

All in you’re looking at three intensive major puzzles and around 20 smaller ones, all controlled by an omniscient eye-in-the-sky computer.

There are 20 shows running from May 6th-31st, and tickets are on sale now.

Better hurry; if those scientists are to be believed, things tend to up and vanish around these parts.

Nota Bene: Dinner options? Barbara’s At The Brewery is on-site and has excellent beers and burgers. Foodies should drive 10 minutes to the Factory Kitchen in the Arts District.

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