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So Fresh, So Clean

A street-styled Rolex from Stampd

  • 27 November 2012

Sure, hip-hop fashion is dope, but the clothes beg a simple question — i.e., how can I wear flossy streetwear while still representing 310’s white collar set?

With this, baller: the Stampd Rolex, a stylish collab between Rolex and LA-based designer Chris Stamp, who has built a following by refining street motifs.

Just as hip-hop remixes old music, Stamp does the same with fashion. Using Swiss Signatures’ mechanics, the Stampd Rolex Datejust still has its tight oyster bracelet, self-winding technology, and a bezel that doesn’t wear out or fade in the sun.

The inner bezel is 18K white gold flinted and carries Stamp'ds urban ethos ("Made to make it") plus "Time and I against any two" — a quote by Baltasar Gracián (what, you not up on your proto-existentialists, dawg?).  

To give the Rolex a cleaner, more current feel, Stamp removed the numbers and added his monochromized Stars and Stripes for the watch face.

The American Flags are a recurring Stamp’d theme, e.g., on these brown bodega bags made of tan leather, and these memory sticks refashioned as gold-plated bricks.

Stampd and Rolex only made 10 watches, and they’re available online.  

Hurry up shot calla. Time's running out. 

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