Review: Can a Booze-Free Fitness and Social Club Win Over LA’s Elite?

Remedy Place has been called the “Soho House of Wellness”

January 22, 2020 11:28 am
remedy place lobby
Every last detail at Remedy Place has been thoughtfully designed to make members feel a state of total relaxation
Remedy Place

While they’ve finally gone mainstream on a national level, the dual concepts of “self-care” and “wellness” have long been a part of LA’s cultural identity. Everywhere you look, the celebrities and influencers who call the city home are peddling new products, services and treatments with a singular goal: to make you feel better, and apparently transform you into a bronzed adonis with a high-wattage smile while you’re at it.

In a place with more spas, exercise studios, holistic healers and health-food purveyors than you can shake a foam roller at, you’d think that no concept had been left unturned. But then you visit Remedy Place, an innovative new “social wellness club” on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, and realize just how wrong you were.

remedy place infrared sauna
An infrared sauna at Remedy Place

The Vibe 

Spread across 4,500 impeccably designed square feet, this isn’t just another storefront offering IV drips or access to infrared saunas. Far from a clinic and not really a spa, Remedy Place was designed as a sort of third space: think a sleek hotel lobby built for lounging, but one with hyperbaric oxygen chambers (more on that below). 

Founder Dr. Jonathan Leary’s stated objective to create a space unlike anything the wellness world has seen (in both form and function) can be found in every detail. The space is lit with warm hues designed to reduce exposure to blue light, and a tonal soundtrack beams out of a speaker system combining 7.83hz (the approximate frequency of the earth) and 40hz (to spark gamma brainwave activity) frequencies. Zooming out, the grand idea was to design a place where self care — typically a solitary pursuit — could be combined with social interaction. Or as Dr. Leary describes it, “a place where one’s social life is enhanced by a healthy lifestyle, rather than being sacrificed as a result.”

Pro tip: If you’re sober or just taking a break from booze, plan your work or date-night drinks at Remedy Place’s Lounge and Nutritional Bar. Styled like a slick hotel bar, order an adaptogenic or nootropic non-alcoholic cocktail from their drinks list, or ask the Nutritional Bartender for something custom.

remedy place mocktails
This is NOT a cocktail

What’s on Offer? 

While Remedy Place has been called the “Soho House of wellness” and describes itself as a “social wellness club,” it is open to the public. Services (or “remedies”) are offered a la carte, in package form, or as part of a $495 monthly membership. 

Remedy Place has brought together services never before found under the same roof, all of which are designed to help patrons achieve and maintain homeostasis (or internal balance, which Leary describes as “the epitome of health”). Each service correlates to what Remedy Place calls the 7 Elements of Balance: Mind, Oxygen, Movement, Nutrients, Cold, Heat and Compression.

In line with these elements, the menu of services includes group meditations, breath-work classes and sound baths in a soundproof glass atrium, movement therapy, IV drips and vitamin shots administered in luxurious private lounges suited for solo or two-person sessions, cryotherapy chambers, infrared saunas, lymphatic drainage massage, and micronutrient and food sensitivity testing. 

Pro Tip: If you’re landing in LA after a long-haul flight and want to beat fatigue and jet lag, head to Remedy Place for their Post-LAX Rebalance Antidote. It’s a package deal which includes infrared sauna, an ice bath with breath work, and hyperbaric oxygen (and it’ll save you $80 when compared to booking a la carte). 

The meditation studio at Remedy Place

Plus: Ice Baths and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers 

The two centerpieces of Remedy may well be their ice baths and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. 

Becasue you’ll probably never go buy enough ice to fill up your tub at home and convince yourself to get in, book the ice bath with a breath-work class. They’ve built out a beautifully austere ice-bath room, complete with three tubs (making it a perfect activity to do with friends) and will take care of all the prep work. All you’ll have to do is take the three- to six-minute plunge, all while being reassured and guided in proper breathing techniques by a member of the Remedy Place staff. 

If you’d rather not get wet, opt for a 60-minute session in one of their four futuristic hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Once only accessible to pro athletes or in clinical settings, Remedy Place is democratizing hyperbaric oxygen chambers with approachable machines that feature plenty of glass to reduce claustrophobic feelings. 

Bottom Line 

Whether your needs are more commonplace — recovering from your workouts, looking for a meditation studio, interested in starting a cryotherapy regime — or you’re ready to take your wellness regime to the next level, Remedy Place has you covered. And Dr. Leary tells us there are more Remedy Place locations in the pipeline, both additional spots in Los Angeles and an outpost in NYC — so stay tuned.


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