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Well Harrow There

“Cali formal” shirts and pocket squares from O’Harrow

  • 05 November 2013

They say it’s better to overdress than underdress, but when it comes to LA’s notoriously lax style, sometimes you feel lucky people are even wearing pants.

Making gear for just that attitude: O’Harrow, a local pocket square company that just released their first line of slim button-downs.

Each O’Harrow piece is woven from hand-dyed lightweight Japanese cottons.

The three currently gracing our closet:

  • The chambray Nicholas
  • The spread-collar Henri in white
  • And the gray-and-yellow-striped Harman.

All three feature a slim fit and contrasting houndstooth fabrics on the inner collar and cuff, and the signature v-notched chest pocket foregrounds their in-house custom pocket squares with aplomb.

They’re long enough to tuck, but don’t hesitate to let it all hang loose.

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