You Should Be Shopping at Magasin Right Now

Go here if you want to be the best dressed guy in the room

May 3, 2016 9:00 am

L.A. men don’t care much for clothes-shopping.

Butter-soft tees and a few good pairs of jeans? Sure. But a suit for every day of the week? That’s for East Coast closets, man.

Which is precisely why we like Magasin, a new store in Culver City from Josh Peskowitz, outbound director of men’s fashion at Bloomingdale’s, street-style deity and friend of InsideHook.

He not only knows good clothing — “It’s like pornography. I know it when I see it.” — but also works with small-scale cult brands to stitch one-of-a-kind items that he terms “professionally adjacent.”

That’s vernacular for you, L.A. man: buy just a few items and you’re golden.

“You can wear this stuff anywhere,” says Peskowitz.

And while the price tags may look high, these clothes are stitched to last. “Nothing is inflated. In terms of cost per wear, these clothes will be part of your life — this is not disposable fashion.”  

Consider the look above: the lightweight jacket (by Engineered Garments) is stitched with a cotton batik pattern that’s almost see-through, and yet it’s very strong. The pillowy shorts are made by TSS. The Salvatore Piccolo band-collar shirt is soft and made with a fragrance baked in. Smells like Italy. It’s these details that make the lines Peskowitz sources from so appealing.

He also sells custom sneakers and custom Levis exclusive to Magasin cut from vintage 501 denim. “We have the standard slim and the weird,” he says, referring to a wider, shorter cut.

Customer service is key here, with a knowledgeable staff and tall boys of House Beer on hand.

As for Josh Peskowitz — he’ll be sitting in one of the midcentury modern chairs in the center of the room.

“I’m the old man in the barbershop,” he jokes.

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