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Temple of Groom

A storied NYC grooming salon comes west

  • 03 April 2013

The hair salon is a bewildering thing.

The Chinese menu of under-eye serums. The un-comfy sounding facial peels. The possibility of Enya.

Here’s your alternative, fella: John Allan’s, the just-opened men’s grooming club in the basement of the Beverly Hills Saks.

The first LA location after 20 years of coiff-cropping in NYC, John Allan’s is a modish man-cave just down the staircase at the front of Sak’s.

Simply descend one flight. Straight ahead: Sak’s new Denim Bar.

And to the left: John Allan’s, where you’ll find all the amenities a modern, work-shirking man needs – pool table, microbrews, flat screens.

And also haircuts. Plenty of haircuts.

A standard visit also includes a shoeshine, manicure and facial massage from one of eight stylists, all of whom were trained by John Allan, himself the former sheers-wielding Paduan to Jean Louis David.

Shaves, beard trims and massages are also available.

All blessedly Enya-free.

The Specifics

John Allan's

9634 Wilshire Blvd
corner of Wilshire and Bedford
Saks Men's Store, Lower Level
(310) 887-5503

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