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Introducing the manifest destiny of InsideHook

  • 22 October 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you breaking Best Coast news: InsideHook LA launches today.

You subscribed to our LA edition not too long ago. And now, like an endless summer for your inbox, we're bringing the high swells of must-know info right to your shores.

Which means we're here to do you a Big Sur-sized solid, bringing you tips that will make your life more exciting and convenient. To wit:

  • We'll introduce you to a secret, invite-only concert that takes place in a living room, far away from tittering teenagers and sticky floors

  • We'll hook you up with a pro soccer coach who makes house calls for your kids

  • We'll reveal a little-known, pop-up dinner party in a metalsmith's shop, perfect for an exceptional night out

If you haven't signed up yet, you can join for free right here. We promise one tip a day for men who are adventurous and driven, and who want to make the most of the times when they're not driving.

We look forward to keeping you company, LA.

See you out there.

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InsideHook LA

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