The LA Holiday Suiting Guide

At least one of them feels like pajamas

By The Editors

The LA Holiday Suiting Guide
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08 December 2015

Reason no. 346 to love L.A.:

Most of us are fortunate enough to not have to wear a suit to work.

But with a barrage of holiday parties and assorted other Sunday-best festivities in the pipeline, let’s step things up — albeit casually — with two suits ideal for L.A.’s great cultural divider: The 405. One works for the West. One works for the East.

And because having a new penguin suit on hand won't hurt come New Year’s (or award season) we found a classic.

West of the 405

James Perse epitomizes California’s casual with muted natural tones and soft, high-grade materials. Their new jersey suit is as close to pajamas as any suit we've ever tried on. Dress it up with a button-down and a pocket square or go casual with sneaks and a henley.

East of the 405

Seize sur Vingt has its slim-fit suits stitched in Bari, Italy, using light wools and nanofabrics that pair well with warm climates. Pick a solid base or a textured fabric (pictured) with a shorter, more casual hem. And pick up one of their snazzy shirts for a little pop of color. They also make their own leather and suede sneakers and 'bucks to round out a smart look.

Pro tip: Seize sur Vingt has a Gift Card Arbitrage in which you spend $800 but receive $1,000 worth of goods. Makes for a great gift ... for yourself.  

Go Tux Yourself

Franc Milton, a bespoke concern located in a hideaway office space on Wilshire in Beverly Hills, has a new shawl-collar tuxedo that’s perfect for New Year’s parties, awards season and beyond. We suggest going midnight blue with a black satin lapel. In the image above, the shawl is narrower, a mod-ish look. For a more classic setup, set the shawl slightly wider and ask for a darker blue.

And because they love ya', FM is offering InsideHook readers $100 off their next tuxedo or suit order. Just tell them we sent you.

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