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Chop Shop

Your next dinner, via helicopter, thanks to Group 3

  • 17 June 2013

The scenic route:

Men have long relied on its romantic cachet, whether to win a lady’s favor or delay a return home to that very same lady.

Regardless, this oughta help: Group 3 Aviation’s Fly and Dine package, a chartered helicopter tour of LA followed by a three-course supper at The 94th Aero Squadron, available now.

You’ll first report to 94th, a fabled dining establishment decked out with aeronautical artifacts from the first and second World Wars. From there, Group 3 will chauffeur you to nearby Van Nuys Airport for liftoff.

Itineraries include The Grand Tour (with flyovers of Malibu Canyon, Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills) and Hollywood and the Beach, but Group 3 will work with you to design a more personalized route as well.

After touching down, you’ll head back to 94th for a specially prepared three-course dinner – plus the obligatory oohing and aahing over your first Pacific sunset at 500 vertical feet.

Give them a ring to book your journey. If you’re smitten, you can even sign up for one of Group 3’s introductory flight courses.

Try that on for a scenic route.

The Specifics

Group 3 Aviation

Starting at $590 per couple
(818) 994-9376

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