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Raw denim and soft shirts from Dyer & Jenkins

  • 24 April 2014

Quality goods get better with time.

Wine. Cast-iron skillets. Raw denim.

Providing the latter: LA’s own Dyer & Jenkins, Kickstarted last fall with a full collection now available.

D&J's American-made duds all come in a slightly tapered, relaxed-meets-tailored fit. At present, they've got four models on offer:

Each pair is button flyed with copper hardware and y-stitched for sturdiness.

They’re available online or at The Mise en Scéne in Venice.

Don’t sleep on D&J’s other pieces, though, like their knit crew tops in four styles: recycled denim terry, hemp cotton, indigo and fleece.

Not to mention their baby-soft henley, made from 55/45 organic hemp and jersey cotton. Great for layering. Great by itself.

Now go out and get buttoned up, buddy.

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