Cutting It Close

By The Editors
October 25, 2012 9:00 am

Whereas most musicians eventually turn to drugs, or “Rock of Love,” every so often they channel their creative energies into a force for good. Like cutting hair.

That’s the deal at The Cut By — a covert barbershop tucked above the Sunset Strip that’s run by Shane Middleton, a former ax-man and Baxter & Finley alum who dropped cutting records for cutting locks.

Located discreetly above Toi Thai, The Cut By is an unexpected oasis of calm. Exposed wooden rafters. Antique speakers. Complimentary Tecate in the fridge, gratis small batch whiskey on the bar.

Book an appointment and Shane and his crew — two other B&F alums, Jason Simao and Wade Carpenter — will re-coife you while you recline in circa-’70s chairs which were, oddly enough, sourced from the garage of a local gun dealer.

Then breathe deeply into a tea tree oil towel wrapped around your face and listen to stories of touring the country, as told by a calm voice that floats with the music.

All appointments are booked online, and the cuts and shaves run until midnight, and sometimes even 1am.

Because rock stars don’t keep a normal schedule.

Photo courtesy of Stephane Couture

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