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Oh, just some tailored suits inside a secret bus

  • 25 March 2013

Duncan Quinn looks like Wolverine in a suit.

With his wingtipped coiff and fierce muttonchops, the hard-partying British tailor is in town this week in – of all things – a 1966 Bristol double-decker bus. And he brought a lot of rum.

Give a jolly doff of your cap to the Cask Chronicles, a traveling bespoke men’s shop and bar nestled inside that bus, puttering into Hollywood this Thursday.

To get inside — hell, to even find out where the bus is — you’ll need an appointment (details below).

Once you’re in, you’ll be fitted for exclusive items (suits, jackets, etc.) tailored in Quinn’s signature ‘60s Savile Row style.

Quinn purchased the double-decker from legendary rock-and-roll bar The Churchill. He kept the original wood seating and lined the walls with hand-printed wallpaper (watch the vid).

It’s just slightly smaller than the stores in NYC and LA, and there’s a bar that serves custom Zacapa cocktails.

To schedule an appointment, email Appointment times begin on Thursday. Let the story begin.

The Specifics

The Cask Chronicles

March 28th - April 7th
Location TBD
Reserve Now 

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