Five Easy Pieces: Mark Pomerantz

The bespoke suiting don on how to clean up proper

September 26, 2017 9:00 am

Los Angeles rarely calls for a suit.

But when it does, you better make sure you love that suit.

For that, you need Mark Pomerantz, maker of bespoke suits spiffy enough to elicit “who wore it best” commentary.

And with suit season nigh, we tapped the man to put together a buttoned-up ensemble that’ll clean up any L.A. man in a jiff.

From the three-piece suit to the show-stopping timepiece to pair, here it is — in five easy pieces.

The Three-Piece Suit
“Our black and purple micro check three-piece suit, paired with a sharp dark shirt. Wear it together as one look, or break it up and freestyle. Based on the daily agenda, you can wear it as a complete suit or the jacket, shirt or vest with jeans. We source our materials from England and Italy, using a medium weight, seasonal cloth that still maintains a soft mill finish for seasonal versatility. We cut a tailored fit with a true shoulder (not too wide, not too narrow across the back), a natural chest, a suppressed waist and slight hip flare with an elegant cut away, a lower stance button position and a high collar gorge. This gives the physique the longest and leanest silhouette while painting an overall sharp contemporary and masculine feel.”


Black Royal Oxford Fly Front Cotton Dress Shirt
“It’s got a two-button cuff. I like to wear the top unbuttoned, wide spread collar (in the suit photo) without a tie.”


Audemars Piquet Black Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar
“The timepiece makes a statement of presence, but in the monochrome black it’s restrained enough to wear with any piece or outfit.”


Gucci Zip-up Black Boot
“The boots are perfect for fall weather and walking around the city. With their rubber sole and waxed calfskin, these are both comfortable and water resistant, and great paired back to your favorite denim.”


Dita Man Black Shades
“The black shades have a cool mid-century vibe, and style perfectly with the zip-up boots.”


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