LA's Coolest Menswear Shop Is Finally Online, Having a Bananas Sale

Calling all DILFs and aspiring DILFs ...

By Reuben Brody

LA's Coolest Menswear Shop Is Finally Online, Having a Bananas Sale
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27 June 2017

There are two keys to getting compliments on what you’re wearing.

The first is to wear something that no one else is wearing, and not something that no one else would wear.

The second, according to men’s style expert Josh Peskowitz, is to wear stuff that makes you feel good. You’ll feel confident, and confidence looks damn good.

Where do you go for such items? Peskowitz’s store, Magasin. Prior to becoming a merchant, Peskowitz was the head men’s buyer for Bloomingdale’s and a contributor to Esquire. So he knows a bit about finding duds that guys want to wear.

Until recently Magasin has only been open to Angelenos. But it’s now online. Bully for you.

Here's a smattering to whet your appetite:

  1. Massimo Alba: linen and silk for maximum softness and breathability
  2. Salvatore Piccolo: a Hawaiian shirt that’s not too busy but means bidness
  3. Giab’s: slim chinos are a summer pant staple, especially in stone
  4. Blue Blue Japan: is this the coolest bomber ever? Probably. Hand-dyed indigo with some sweet embrodery — you’ll be getting loads of chin nods on this.
  5. Common Projects Achilles: the one shoe you must own
  6. Massimo Alba: navy cotton shorts that land above the knee and can be worn to most jobs

Now get handsome.

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