No One Asked for a Kid-Borrowing App, but Here It Is

Because science says your dating pics are better with kids

By The Editors
April 1, 2016 9:00 am

Kids. Who needs ‘em?

Apparently most of us.

A slew of research on male attractiveness indicates that single men would do well to be seen with them, particularly on Instagram and your online dating profiles (#notmykid).

The best way to do that? Avuncular, a new app that turns you into the “cool uncle” — even if you’re not.

Avuncular uses a proprietary compatibility algorithm that matches users with kids who can believably pass as their nephews, cousins or god-children. All participants have trained at the Los Angeles chapter of the School for Child Acting and Modeling (SCAM), and in many cases have prior TV, print and film credits to their name.

Once you’ve signed up and passed an admittedly rigorous screening process, the app will connect you with the child’s parents to set up a photo shoot with one of Avuncular’s in-house photographers.

Prices vary depending on rating, studio costs, duration of the shoot and the experience level of your match.

Avuncular launches in full this summer, but they’ve been kind enough to offer InsideHook readers access to private beta version in the meantime.

Email Avuncular for your download code. Tell ‘em InsideHook sent ya.

Your dating life will thank you.

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