Motley Brew

By The Editors
August 2, 2013 9:00 am

Comedian Danny Liebert did a little survey once, and it turns out that “size does matter.”

But, y’know, “not as much as smell.”


To maintain your own alluring redolence — at least north of the belt — spritz on some ATLAS, just now available.

The second made-in-LA offering from the grooming aesthetes at The Motley, ATLAS is a blend of Algerian atlas oak, American moss and worn leather blended with Italian bergamot.

All that heaviness is softened with ginger, Indian cardamom and cloves. Translation: something like leather in a soft breeze off Lake Cuomo after it’s rained. Light and sophisticated. [Ed. note: an “unsophisticated” smell is anything overly applied, or redolent of the mall, Staten Island or stuntman T.J. Austin.]

ATLAS is hand-poured into a handsome amber bottle, and shipped in a personalized tin.

A few rules: dab a touch on your wrists and neck — pulse points allow scents to linger — and be conservative. If it’s hot out, use less.

Actually, always use less. She’ll thank you.

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