Target Accidentally Made Santa Penis Cookies; Moms Are Amused

Sometimes penises just have a way of drawing themselves

ChristopherBernard/Getty Images

Penis art has a habit of popping up in unexpected places. Sometimes, intentional tributes to the phallus take the form of majestic statues that mysteriously appear in the Bavarian mountains, and other times — as any meteorologist or failed logo designer can tell you — dicks just have a way of drawing themselves.

Recently, multiple giggling Facebook moms have taken notice of some accidental Santa penises that seem to have drawn themselves on a line of holiday cookies from Target. The packs each feature three cookies: one of Santa’s face, one of his midsection, and one of his boots. Unfortunately, as the Facebook moms have pointed out, the boot design is somewhat phallic in nature.

“I would not send these to school,” one mom told the New York Post, calling the phallic Santa boots a “definite design fail.”

“I peered in and thought: ‘What the hell is Santa’s penis doing there?’” asked another mom after encountering a photo of the cookies on Facebook, while still others questioned how such an obvious design flop could have possibly gone unnoticed on the production line.

While one mom speculated that the accidental Santa dick may have been no accident at all, but rather an act of “disgruntled employee sabotage,” Target won’t even admit the boots kind of look like a dick at all. In a statement to the Post, a rep for the retailer said this was the first time Target had even heard of any such resemblance.

“We have not received any feedback directly on this item,” the rep said. “The design is intended to represent Santa’s boots. We appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration moving forward.”

Is it possible that our horny little quarantined brains are just conjuring up dicks where there are really no dicks to be seen? Certainly. But as one mom noted, there’s nothing like a little surprise Santa penis cookie to brighten up a dark year.

“After everything that’s been going on this year with the pandemic,” she told the Post, “it’s made my December.”

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