The 10 Best Lotions for Your Gross, Cracked, Reptilian Hands

Because you've been washing your hands. A lot. Right?

The 10 Best Lotions for Your Gross, Cracked, Reptilian Hands

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Presumably, you’ve been washing your hands habitually and obsessively — and if you haven’t, then why the hell not? We’re trying to flatten the curve, people. The CDC guidelines regarding handwashing include washing hands before eating food, after sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing, and scrubbing for a good and thorough 20 seconds. While it’s an effective practice for not getting sick, what it ultimately spells for the state of your hands is unsightly, dry, scaly skin.

But there’s one simple step you can add to the handwashing process, and it’s as easy as adding a pump or dollop or squeeze of lotion to restore the skin once you’re finished. However, when it comes to choosing the right lotion for your hands, it shouldn’t be as mindless a process as reaching for whatever lotion is readily available to you. The skin on your hands is very different from the skin on your face and often requires completely different formulas. And then there’s finding the one that appeals most to you — not too greasy, not too scented, not too thick, not too watery.

Thankfully the market for hand lotions is populated with ample options for every skin type and preference (and price range) that will return your hands to their once supple state.

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

With ‘Industrial Strength’ in its name, the expectations of for Jack Black’s Hand Healer run high. But, this lotion ultimately lives up to its moniker due in large part to the inclusion of vitamins A and E in the formula, which aid in protecting against tissue damage and slowing down the aging process of cells.

Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Hand Moisturizer

Anything that lists both shea butter and jojoba oil as two of their ingredients is bound to rescue any hands from the depths of dryness.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

My personal favorite, Kiehl’s hand salve is the ultimate neutral option. The scent doesn’t prove to be too overwhelming but is a soothing eucalyptus that doesn’t linger. All you really need is one, tiny squeeze, meaning this tube will last you for months to come.

Olivina USDA Restorative Hand Rescue

This salve is about the closest thing to just slathering your hands in olive oil, just less messy. The organic olive oil used in Olivina’s Hand Rescue will seep into the skin, meaning even after washing your hands several times, the effects will still linger.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

If you’re feeling a bit fancy and in the mood to splurge on something slightly ridiculous, why not make it a luxurious hand balm from Aesop? This particular one features a blend of botanical fragrances and is especially restorative when it comes to one’s cuticles. And let’s be honest, when’s the last time you’ve paid attention to your cuticles (or even know what they are?)

Malin+Goetz Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment

We pretty much love anything that Malin+Goetz puts out, and naturally our admiration extends to this B5 Hand Treatment. The B5 vitamin helps to work in speed up the skin healing process and just generally helps to promote healthier skin.

Oars+Alps Dry Hand Repair Cream

One of the more frustrating things about hand cream is the greasy, film they can often leave behind that makes carrying about your daily life a little more annoying (especially when things are constantly slipping out of your hands). Despite listing shea butter as one of its ingredients, Oars+Alps Hand Repair Cream manages not to be greasy but still provide hydration.

Neutrogena Norwegian Forumla Hand Cream

Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula hand cream is the OG, and for good reason. When they say ‘just a dab heals dry skin,’ they mean it. And you really can’t beat the less than $4 price.

Byredo Rinse Free Hand Wash

Although not technically a hand lotion, Byredo’s Rinse Free Hand Wash is great for when your hands are feeling a bit grubby or sticky (however, this is not a hand sanitizer). Despite being formulated with alcohol, your hands will remain hydrated, in addition to feeling fresh and clean.

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra Rich Cream

Weleda’s Skin Food has become a bit of a cult product due in large part to its universality — you can put it on pretty much anything. If you find your hand situation particularly dismal, slather a bit of this on your hands, put some gloves on and then go to bed. You’ll wake up with your hands the softest they’ve ever felt.

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