It’s Time to Upgrade Your Grooming Tools

You do have grooming tools, don't you?

May 31, 2024 7:04 am
The tools you need to up your grooming game
The tools you need to up your grooming game
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As we have previously covered, the best electric trimmers and toothbrushes bring unrivaled convenience and efficiency for trimming body hair or keeping your teeth sparkling clean. However, traditional manual tools are simply the way to go for precise grooming needs such as nail clipping, beard or eyebrow trimming, and of course, combing your hair. You get what you pay for, and just like the $5 drugstore clippers will do the trick, investing in well-made manual tools, often from brands who have been constructing them for generations, will pay off in the long run, not to mention likely adding some design flair to your grooming cabinet.

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When I discovered Tweezerman and Zwilling, I realized the level of craftsmanship and quality that could go into seemingly simple tools like nail trimmers or scissors. The steel, the blades, the precision, and the design all felt far more substantial and well-made than anything I’d used before. Previously, I had gone through countless iterations, but these

grooming tools’ quality and durability were unmatched. And it’s not just clippers and scissors— brushes and unbreakable combs, often crafted by brands from the UK, have been perfected over generations. These tools come from a heritage of quality and durability, harking back to a time when items weren’t so disposable. They are also easy to travel with, fitting conveniently in your Dopp kit for upcoming summer trips.

The grooming tools below are a sample of some of the best in the market, and while their cost may initially seem high, they are a worthwhile investment. These premium tools are designed to last a significant time; with proper care, many can last a lifetime.

Tweezerman is the crème de la crème of grooming tools, and its clippers are built to last. The precisely engineered blades are curved to follow the nail’s natural shape, ensuring a clean, strong, and even cut. Made from high-grade stainless steel, they are extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, and the textured surface provides a non-slip grip. Additionally, the case catches clippings, making cleanup a breeze.

Founded in 1731, German brand Zwilling is one of the oldest manufacturers of high-quality kitchen knives and one of the world’s oldest operating companies. They have mastered their craft, and the quality is obvious. Made in Italy, these facial hair scissors feature a rounded tip for gently and precisely removing unwanted hairs around the face, nose, and ears. Thanks to their exceptional sharpness, precise workmanship, and ergonomic design, these matte satin-finished, stainless-steel scissors offer superb durability and an attractive design.

If you have a beard or mustache, you surely must deal with keeping it trimmed, and you could do no better than the precision and sharpness of Ontaki’s Steel Beard and Mustache Scissors. Featuring an ergonomic design and hand-forged from premium 420C Japanese stainless steel, these 5.5-inch scissors offer the perfect balance of control and comfort. Complete with a beard and mustache comb and a leather pouch, these scissors are likely the last pair you will need for all your precision beard-scaping needs. Just get them sharpened from time to time.

Pointed-edge curved scissors are a must-have for dealing with pesky hangnails. These stainless steel, matte-finished nail scissors from Zwilling boast an ergonomic design featuring sharp blades that trim nails with meticulous accuracy. These versatile 2-in-1 scissors are precision made for cutting nails and cuticles, not to mention the myriad of other uses they will come in handy. To maintain their performance, clean them with isopropyl alcohol after each use.

Even the shortest hairstyles need maintenance, and this brush is perfect for short hair or buzz cuts. Each brush is handmade by a fifth-generation business founded in Germany in 1864. The natural boar bristles massage the scalp and distribute natural oils, keeping hair shiny and healthy. It also moonlights as an excellent beard brush. Built to high standards of craftsmanship and accented with a leather top, it is evenly weighted for a comfortable hand feel.

If you prefer a rotating design, this nose and ear hair trimmer is a precisely engineered instrument featuring rotating blades for easy, painless hair removal from sensitive areas around the face. Made from stainless steel, the trimmer comes with a built-in brush for cleaning the blade slots after each use. This ergonomic tool is designed for efficient trimming and has a rust-free, matte satin finish for durability.

Swiss company Rubis has made handmade precision tweezers for over 70 years, and the quality is inherent. The slanted tip perfectly fits the curve of follicles and grips even the finest hairs and initial stubble, while the inner heel grips hair across the entire surface. The ergonomics and design make tweezing a breeze, and the stainless-steel construction allows for disinfection and sterilization. They come with a handsome green sleeve for storage and protection from the inevitable drop.

Kent combs, handmade in England by a company with a history dating back to 1777, are renowned for their quality; I have had mine for many years. Crafted from cellulose acetate, a plant-derived, non-petroleum-based plastic, they have a smooth surface that prevents hair from being pulled or snagged. Flexible, durable, and static-resistant, this 6.6-inch comb features a tortoiseshell finish, with fine teeth for straightening and wide teeth for detangling thick, curly, or wavy hair. The saw-cut, hand-polished teeth ensure an effortless glide, stimulating the scalp, improving blood circulation, reducing hair loss, and distributing natural oils. 

Once you own this nail file, you’ll likely never need to buy a disposable one again. Coated with tiny diamond particles and crafted from polished steel, this professional-quality file is durable and long-lasting, providing nails with a smooth, even finish. The diamond remains sharp through repeated use and reduces waste by eliminating the need for disposable files.

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