The 7 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Today’s electric toothbrushes are super tech-savvy, sustainable and stylish

May 16, 2024 12:04 pm
The 7 best electric toothbrushes on the market
The 7 best electric toothbrushes on the market
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Since I began using an electric toothbrush on my dentist’s recommendation many years ago, I’ve enjoyed a cavity-free existence (knock on wood), not to mention consistently and exceptionally clean-feeling teeth. Almost every family member, friend or colleague I have suggested the upgrade to has been unable to return to standard manual brushing. The main reason is simple: the oscillating or vibrating bristle movements effectively remove plaque and debris much better than a manual brush (in most cases at least 7x), reducing the risk of gum disease and cavities but, in a nutshell, just cleaning more effectively. They excel in combating tartar and plaque buildup in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough cleaning not only of your teeth but also your gums and tongue — which is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of oral hygiene as it eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath. Oral wins all around. 

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Electric toothbrushes have come a long way in terms of tech. Many offer a range of functions, such as pressure sensors to prevent gum damage, multiple brushing modes catering to various oral care needs and Bluetooth connectivity for personalized brushing routines and feedback. Many come with signature apps that inform and track your routine, such as how long you should brush various quadrants and inform your overall schedule. Most come equipped with built-in timers, ensuring you brush for the recommended two minutes. Some models offer various brushing modes tailored to specific dental needs, such as sensitivity, gum massage or tongue cleaning. 

Years ago, electric toothbrushes represented a clunky, extraneous gadget that created an eyesore on many a bathroom sink. However, they have come a long way in design, with brands putting as much thought into their contours, colors and materials that would make Apple proud. The new generation of electric toothbrushes boasts sleek, streamlined silhouettes and unique charging docks — some resembling an iPhone charger. They marry form and function, featuring ergonomic designs that ensure comfortable handling and optimal brushing angles while looking good as heck doing it.

Versatility and sustainability are also key. Some have multiple interchangeable brush heads for daily brushing, whitening, deep cleaning and sensitive teeth care. This extends the device’s lifespan, reduces landfill waste and customizes based on your intended cleaning. Rechargeable batteries inherently decrease reliance on the disposable variety. Although the heads need to be replaced, most companies will recycle and replace or offer repairs on the body, further eliminating the need for waste. Additionally, some electric toothbrushes are made from recycled aluminum or other recycled materials.

I am not dismissing manual brushes. When I travel for a short time, I often find it more convenient to use a manual brush, and there is something about the simplicity that some people will gravitate toward. However, electric toothbrushes are just plain hard to beat in terms of effectiveness, and now, design, tech and sustainability. But not all are created equal. Some oscillate in the same tried and true way since their inception, while some use a roundabout motion. Some come with all the tech and app bells and whistles, while others focus on aesthetics. However, all are worth the investment. Here are seven of our selects.

Best All-Around

Philips Sonicare remains the OG in the market and, for many, the gold standard in electric oral care. The new Prestige model represents their most advanced toothbrush, removing up to 20 times more plaque than a manual brush. It incorporates SenseIQ technology, an advanced innovation that senses your brushing style, detecting pressure, motion and coverage up to 100 times per second. By adapting in real-time, it automatically adjusts intensity when it detects excessive pressure and personalizes the most effective clean for you. The BrushSync mode-pairing and replacement reminders automatically sync your brush head to the optimal brushing mode and alert you when it’s time to replace the brush head. With a handsome travel case and USB charger, Sonicare is an investment in your oral care that will pay for itself tenfold over time.

Most Sustainable

Suri takes the electric toothbrush back to basics with a design that delivers an exceptional clean with a minimal impact on our planet. Its plant-based, recyclable medium/soft heads and bristles are derived from cornstarch and castor oil, ensuring both efficacy and eco-friendliness. Suri offers a free head recycling program, and its aluminum body is not just sleek but also designed for longevity, with Suri facilitating repair, refurbishment or recycling. The high-power sonic motor delivers 33,000 vibrations per minute, removing up to five times more plaque than manual brushing, all while maintaining a whisper-quiet operation. Haptic feedback every 30 seconds ensures optimal brushing, and the optional UV-C charging case eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in just one minute. Also, the toothbrush is just plain handsome and will elevate the style of any grooming area.

Best Tech

The Oral-B Series 10 is their most advanced and caters to those seeking cutting-edge technology and advanced features. With smart sensors and 3D tracking, it’s designed to recognize your brushing style, guiding you to brush better. The New iO Sense™ smart charger displays personalized live feedback through intuitive guiding lights, ensuring optimal brushing across zones while calling out overpressure and monitoring time spent in each zone. Seven Smart Modes offer further personalization, including Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Intense Clean, Super Sensitive, Tongue Clean and Whiten. The Oral-B App tracks long-term goals through detailed diagnostics after each brushing session, and an interactive display greets you as you power up and rewards you for a job well done. The charging case ensures it stays ready to brush wherever you travel.

Most Innovative

Laifen, renowned for its globally recognized hair dryers, recently unveiled its innovative Wave electric toothbrush in the U.S. market. It features a proprietary new motor design that offers a dual-action brushing method, combining high-frequency vibrations of up to 66,000 times per minute with an ultra-wide 60° oscillating motion. The servo system addresses power loss and ensures consistently strong and stable brushing force. Its design is impeccable — the handle is crafted through a process that presses and stretches a single piece of metal 11 times to create a futuristic, minimalist aesthetic, eliminating gaps where debris can accumulate. Three premium brush heads — Gum Care, Super-Clean and Ultra-Whitening — are tailored to different brushing needs. Additionally, the app provides 10 levels of customizable intensity, giving users numerous options to brush according to their preferences.

Best Toothbrush Heads

Boka is known for their premium toothpaste, so it would make sense that its electric brush would focus on the formulaic component. Boka’s brush head bristles are infused with binchotan-activated charcoal, reducing odor-causing bacteria. They are also softer and help ease intense brushing, which can lead to recessed gums and temperature sensitivity. The toothbrush has three brushing modes, each delivering 30,000 vibrations per minute, and a two-minute interval timer with 30-second alerts ensures proper brushing time. The clutter-free design boasts a magnetic stand and removable chord with automatic guide and shutoff. 

Best Design

The Mode Toothbrush offers high performance and intuitive design; it is the first toothbrush that charges without wires. The innovative design features a wireless charging dock with a built-in nightlight and keeps bathroom counters clutter-free while providing illumination during darker moments. The dock’s rotating feature adapts to any bathroom space, providing access to the outlet for other plug-in accessories. The durable aluminum-and-rubber handle has a substantial and luxurious feel, and its sleek minimalist design will complement any decor. It’s not all form, though; 38,000 brush strokes per minute removes up to 10 times more plaque. Its whisper-quiet operation fits this brush’s theme of quiet luxury.

Best App

A common complaint amongst smart toothbrush users is that the app is not user-friendly or does not sync as well as expected. The Colgate Hum put a lot of focus into this arena, marrying the power of an electric toothbrush with the intuition of a smart device. Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, it tracks the frequency, duration and coverage of your brushing style. Once you’ve set your baseline, guided brushes walk you through each zone of your mouth, ensuring comprehensive cleaning of all nooks and crannies. The Hum is exceptionally accurate and offers valuable advice, suggesting optimal brushing angles and alerting you to adjust your speed for better cleaning. A two-minute timer that pulses every 30 seconds helps you adhere to the recommended brush time effortlessly. 

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