Do You Need Artisanal Toothpaste in Your Life? We Think You Do.

These oral care alternatives are cleansing, natural, refreshing and stylish

May 3, 2024 7:34 am
These are the best niche toothpastes on the market
These are the best niche toothpastes on the market
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I understand the skepticism — why would anyone consider another toothpaste besides the reliable Colgate or Crest, which have graced countless sinks since the advent of modern toothbrushing? Yet, whenever someone enters my bathroom, their eyes are drawn to the Marvis toothpaste. It sparks conversation, and for good reason. A brand like Marvis has long been an insider favorite, blending heritage, effective ingredients, aesthetics and, well, toothpaste.

While the following artisanal brands may require a little extra investment, some claim they clean more effectively than the basics. But here’s the thing: once you experience the feel of premium toothpaste, the run-of-the-mill drugstore brands seem to lack some effectiveness and originality. It might sound pretentious, but it’s simply about investing more in quality and character in your daily grooming routine — a touch of taste and style that also contains (usually) more natural and healthier ingredients. It is also about making brushing teeth fun instead of a chore, making a daily ritual a little less banal.

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These toothpaste brands differentiate themselves through a combination of factors, often utilizing high-quality ingredients and unique formulations with natural extracts, essential oils or specialized compounds for benefits beyond basic cleaning and cavity protection. They have whitening ingredients and generally avoid harsh additives like fluoride. Additionally, these brands typically offer more unique flavors and aesthetic appeal than traditional toothpaste brands. For instance, Marvis is renowned for its distinctive and luxurious flavors, such as jasmine or ginger mint, while Aesop focuses on herbal formulations. Furthermore, premium toothpaste brands invest in elegant packaging and presentation, featuring stylish tubes and sophisticated branding to enhance the overall experience. These tubes of toothpaste are not merely decorative; they arguably perform better than standard varieties, all while adding flair to your shelf.

Below are six brands to consider adding to the rotation of your oral care routine. Sometimes, life is about treating yourself, and I’d argue that the following are worth the indulgence. They break up the mundane for a serious clean and look great doing it.

Marvis toothpaste, revered as the OG oral care couture, traces its Italian heritage back to 1958. The brand meticulously sources the finest ingredients, blending cleaning powders that avoid damaging enamel and dentin while incorporating a small amount of fluoride and xylitol for cavity prevention and control. The concentrated and preservative-free old-style paste excludes ingredients of animal origin and effectively removes plaque and tartar for whiter teeth and long-lasting fresh breath. Among its array of flavors, my personal favorite, Marvis Aquatic Mint, offers a sweet and cool mint combined with aquatic notes for an ultra-fresh feel. Crafted in Italy, each toothpaste comes in a display-worthy tube, adding sophistication to any bathroom and elevating the ritual in a distinctly Marvis way.

Founded in Prague in 1929 by Ernest Linhart but formulated by NYC dentists, Linhart toothpaste is an authentic Made in the USA legacy brand with a tradition of oral care innovation. The paste’s mild mint taste is enhanced with a hint of anise for a clean and refreshing feel. Suitable for both regular and sensitive teeth, it naturally and gently whitens while reinforcing enamel with its patented formula. It uses a three-pronged approach: Theobromine from cocoa bean extract strengthens enamel, Fluoride remineralizes and protects, and Xylitol, a natural sugar, combats tooth decay. Additionally, Aloe Vera soothes and heals gums, promoting overall oral health. Plus, the striking orange tube is just plain handsome.

Aesop’s hand soaps have earned a cult-like following over the years, and it’s easy to see why. Their instantly recognizable packaging, featuring old-school apothecary bottles and distinctive typography, sets them apart. So it’s no surprise their toothpaste is equally beloved, effective and distinctly Aesop. An aromatic blend of mint, anise, and spice leaves a refreshing and invigorating feeling after each use. Key ingredients like Sea Buckthorn, Cardamom, and Wasabia Japonica ensure thorough cleansing and cavity prevention, all while leaving your mouth clean without all the harsh additives.

Doctor-formulated Theodent toothpaste revolutionized oral care when it was launched in 2012. As a fluoride alternative, its principal active ingredient, Rennou, derived from the cacao plant, naturally strengthens and repairs tooth enamel. It relieves sensitive teeth by promoting rapid remineralization and boasts whitening benefits. Clinically proven to outperform many kinds of toothpaste in surface enamel repair, Theodent sets a standard in innovative oral care, all in old-school lux packaging and an opulent, chic tube.

Public Goods Toothpaste, voted “the best Vegan toothpaste” by many of its devotees, delivers all-natural care for your teeth and gums. Infused with peppermint essential oil, it tastes refreshing and fights bad breath all day. The new formula contains a dual-grit abrasive that is tougher on plaque and surface stains and omits unnecessary additives commonly found in other toothpaste, such as harsh foaming agents and fluoride while maintaining its effectiveness via primarily natural ingredients. The stark white tube will fit in handsomely with more minimal washroom decor.

Dr. Squatch might be known for its unique soaps, but the brand also formulates natural and effective products in other grooming arenas. Take, for instance, their Day and Night toothpaste pack, tailored distinctly for each routine. Their Morning Formula Citrus Mint toothpaste combats morning breath with a refreshing burst of peppermint, complemented by green tea extract and vitamin B12. The Night Formula contains spearmint and an extra whitening boost from Natural Clay, which combats stains from the day, while Chamomile and Valerian help you unwind naturally. They are free from fluoride, sulfates, and parabens and support enamel health with Hydroxyapatite, a natural calcium-based mineral identical to tooth enamel. 

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