Is Personalized Haircare the New Gold Standard for Men’s Grooming?

Geologie's customized products introduce a new way to look and feel your best

December 21, 2023 12:36 pm
A trio of Geologie products on a green background
Much like personalized mattresses or tailored suits, Geologie's "Try Before You Buy" haircare is personalized for your specific needs.
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Now more than ever, there are options for guys looking to upgrade their grooming game. Long gone are the days when a 10-in-1 toothpaste-body wash-shampoo was the only option to care for the face, skin and hair, with hundreds of grooming products saturating a booming market as men realize how important (and how easy) it is to take care of themselves.

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For all its positive impact, the golden age of grooming has also revealed some gaping holes in the average modern man’s hair routine. While specially formulated conditioner after specially formulated conditioner promise results, it’s become apparent that the whole “different strokes for different folks” idea readily applies to haircare, too. Like the skin, hair comes in all shapes and sizes, and particular factors — texture, length, oiliness, and fullness — should be the determining factor in a quality haircare routine, for everything from washes per week to specific priorities.

If figuring out the right routine for yourself sounds complicated, don’t fret. A cohort of DTC brands have popped up in recent years to address the lack of personalized haircare, chief among them Geologie.

a model using Geologie co-wash
Geologie’s personalized hair care tackles individual challenges.

Founded with the help of dermatologist Dr. Steve Xu in 2018, Geologie centers itself around a personalized operation, with skin, hair and bodycare that focus on research-backed routines customized to the user via a self-reported diagnostics test. From the aforementioned test, the wellness brand ships a suite of products tailored for your personalize needs for an improved, cost-effective experience.

Beyond catering to specific hair types and lifestyles, Geologie’s draw lies in an active ingredient of clean, safe and clinically-proven options like Coconut Oil, Vitamin B5 and Lactic Acid to target specific areas of concern. Product lines include smoothing, strengthen and cooling trios of shampoo, conditioners and co-washes.

To assuage any concerns about the admittedly unfamiliar experience of ordering shampoo online, Geologie is offering a “Try Before You Buy” program, providing the opportunity to see the results for yourself before you commit to the brand’s subscription service.

The process as simple as taking the haircare quiz — the quick test asks questions about the likes of hair texture and frequency of washes — to identify which routine is suited to your needs, using code TBYBHAIR at checkout and receiving a set of 3 full sized pouches containing a shampoo, conditioner, and cowash to try for 14 days before you commit to the purchase. If you’re unsatisfied, you can send the product back for a full refund — you simply have to pay for shipping.

We’ve included a link to the test below for you to check Geologie out for yourself. Your hair (also: self-confidence, social life, instagram feed, etc) will thank you.

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