Portable AC Will Keep You Cool, Bump the Jams

Will it make you cool, though? Questionable.

September 13, 2016 9:00 am

If you count the invention of air conditioning among life’s greatest pleasures, chances are you’re gonna like the Zero Breeze.

But if you, like us, find the idea of an outdoor air-conditioning unit to be at best counterintuitive and at worst the bane of modern life, allow us to buy you a drink.

The Zero Breeze is a wireless, ultra-portable air conditioner that, according to its makers, can cool a 50-square-foot area down to an icy cool 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Just look at how happy these people are:

At the beach. On a boat. At the skate park. Heat is no match for it. There’s also the one feature that might actually make this thing useful to you: the unit has a Bluetooth speaker, an LED flashlight and can double as a mobile device charging station.

But real talk: for as much guffawing as the Zero Breeze has caused us, according to Reddit, the portable A/C unit checks out. It might not cool down big open spaces, but for tent camping and hot office cubicle settings, the will ZB do the trick.

But you’ll have to wait til next summer to give it a try. The Zero Breeze is currently on Kickstarter, with the first shipments coming in March of next year.

Until then, guess you’ll have to sweat it out.

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